Course: Introduction to Urban Economic Resilience Diagnostics and Action Planning in the context of COVID-19 (City Resilience Training)

When: Self-paced

Where: Online

Apply by: Registration open

This course aims to build knowledge and skills related to urban economic resilience performance and diagnostic, as well as recommended recovery and rebuilding actions and / or plans in collaboration with national and local stakeholders to enhance urban economic resilience in cities. 

As a participant you will

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the main concepts of urban (economic) resilience
  • Become familiar with the purpose and goals of the International Agenda and its linkages with urban economic resilience, as well as key concepts of green and circular economy
  • Learn about existing practices and initiatives for financial and economic recovery and resilience building in cities, particularly during and after the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Learn the process of data collection, analysis and diagnosis of the urban economic performance in a city from a resilience perspective, using the Diagnostic and Planning Tool (DPT)
  • Gain knowledge of the fundamentals for designing recommended actions and / or plans to improve city economic resilience in the medium term through the development of an Economic Resilience Building Plan (ERBP).
  • Understand the different regional and global priorities and targets on urban economic recovery and resilience

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