DeLoG Sets Up Working Groups on Gender, Democracy, and Local Finance

The DeLoG Secretariat launched three thematic working groups with members of the network to create platforms for knowledge exchange and dialogue highlighting the diversity of DeLoG.

During the last years DeLoG Knowledge and Dialogue Days, DeLoG members and partners came together in ‘Practioner’s Networking Sessions’ to share their ideas for events and discuss joint activities concerning decentralisation and local governance for 2023. From these discussions, three main topics emerged, on which the DeLoG partners and members are working in a targeted manner.  In the beginning of the year, the DeLoG secretariat launched three working groups on the thematic priorities of local governance and 1) gender, 2) local democracy and 3) inclusive local finance.

The working groups aim to create platforms for knowledge exchange and dialogue by organising joint activities such as webinars, annual meetings, and discussions together. The working groups are also part of the DeLoG transformation. Follow-up meetings will be held in March 2023. The working groups and its meetings are open for all DeLoG members and partners. If you would like to get active within the groups, to join their regular meetings, and receive updates, please contact us by e-mail