GAC and GIZ Sign Special Agreement for a more Inclusive, Diverse and Sustainable DeLoG

The new Special Agreement on Delegated Cooperation between the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the Global Affairs Canada (GAC) started in April 2022 to support and strengthen DeLoG.

Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP), is human rights-based, inclusive and focuses Canada’s international assistance on reducing inequalities to eradicate poverty. This approach aims to be mainstreamed in all of Canadas’ programming, including local governance and decentralisation, to counter systemic discrimination and unequal power relationships. For Canada, governance is inclusive when it effectively serves and engages all people, especially women and girls and takes into account gender and all other facets of personal identity. That also means that institutions, policies and services at the local level are accessible, accountable and responsive to all members of the society.

The main goal of this cooperation is to enhance gender equality and women’s rights as well as to diversify the exchange around decentralization and local governance (DLG), by including voices of the global south into DeLoG. Therefore, organisations from the global south, working on DLG and gender equality will be invited to be part of DeLoG. GAC’s commitment will further allow finding solutions for the promotion of inclusive local governance globally.

Through the commitment and this delegated cooperation, the DeLoG Secretariat, its Strategic Support Group and its Members and Partners, will be able to pursue this ambitious strategy until June 2023. With the GAC contribution DeLoG will evolve to become more inclusive, diverse, and sustainable.

You can find the DeLoG Strategy 2021-2024 by following this link.