Gender Responsive Governance

When: 18 – 29 November 2019

Where: The Hague, Netherlands

Apply by: 4 October 2019

How can policies and programmes be inclusive and more specifically, gender sensitive? How do values of inclusiveness and gender equality result in better performance and greater benefits for your organization or community? Designed for both men and women, this course – by The Hague Academy – will discuss approaches for promoting gender in inclusive governance processes and gender-sensitive strategies and tools for mainstreaming gender in policies and projects.

Special attention is given to designing strategies for an effective and meaningful involvement of marginalized groups (i.e. women, youth) in public governance processes and different policies/projects. The course will also underline discuss cross-cutting issues of applying a diverse gender perspective (intersectionality), especially in complex cultural and religious settings.

Practical examples from around the globe, the application of interactive ways of sharing knowledge and work with renowned experts in this field will give participants a deeper understanding of gender dynamics and strategies for addressing the different needs and priorities of women, men, young girls and boys.

Key concepts of this course will include meaningful participation in public governance processes, gender mainstreaming, gender analysis, gender budgeting, power dynamics, gender responsive service delivery, equitable economic empowerment, involving stakeholders, transformative change, and working with gender in complex settings.

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