The Hague Academy: Acting Locally on Development

The non-profit organisation The Hague Academy conceptualizes trainings on local governance for professionals from around the world. Their motivation is simple: sustainable development needs local answers!

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The Hague Academy for Local Governance develops online and in-person trainings to promote the exchange of knowledge in the area of local governance. The trainings are conceptualised for professionals from around the world who work in fields such as economic development, accessibility to social services, local finance or citizen participation, among others.

The Academy was created in 2006 in response to the demands of regions like Eastern Europe or Africa, where many countries were undergoing decentralisation reforms at the time. Till this day the Academy contributes to these efforts in form of ten to twelve in-house trainings per year and the development of webinars to continue discussions on how local governments and sub-national initiatives can shape sustainable development.

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