Incorporating Local Innovation and Community-led Initiatives Could Be the Key for Successful Inclusive Urban Climate Governance

In their article for the digital blog Urbanet Arne Georg Janssen, Urban Environment Specialist at Cities Alliance, and Gabriela Mercurio, Urban Analyst at Cities Alliance, outline how inclusive partnerships could be decisive for winning the climate battle in cities while protecting the most vulnerable.

© Marcel_Ekkel via Creative Commons

Home to over half of the world’s population, cities and their administrations are confronted with innumerable challenges as a result of climate change. These negative effects are often felt most severely by cities’ most vulnerable groups, including residents of informal settlements. Drawing on their ideas and knowledge in the field of crisis response for urban planning mechanisms presents a unique chance to foster sustainable resilience and advancing urban governance for all. In their article for the digital blog Urbanet Janssen and Mercurio showcase how localised initiatives and community programmes implemented during emergencies could set the tone for inclusive decision-making while contributing toward national efforts to fulfil international agendas.

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