The Financial Challenges of an Inclusive COVID-19 Recovery in Cities

The new Mayors Migration Council Fund will serve as a vital resource for the most vulnerable urban communities to ensure an inclusive COVID-19 recovery in cities.

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An alarmingly high number of COVID-19 cases has been reported for urban areas, forcing cities to act as first responders to handle the pandemic and its socio-economic impacts. Not all urban communities are affected to the same extent, however. Due to their legal status migrants, refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) have restricted access to public health services and benefits. The health crisis has therefore led to a further marginalisation of these groups.

According to several international financial institutions Local Governments (LGs) will suffer up to 25 percent loss of revenue in 2021. Identifying new sources of funding to support migrants, refugees and IDPs must therefore become a priority.

In response to these heightened financial needs, the Mayors Migration Council (MMC) has launched the inaugural Global Cities Fund for an Inclusive Pandemic Response. The fund holds 1 Million USD, intended toward helping cities respond to the urgent needs of their migrant community. Scheduled to run for one year, the fund will provide direct financial and technical support related to public health, employment, livelihoods and social protection for five selected cities.

The new fund is a result of the Global Mayors Solidarity Campaign, launched in July 2020 by the MMC’s Leadership Board and is executed in corporation with different international Organisations like United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat).

Learn more about the selected projects and the MMC’s call to action “22 for 2022” via the Council’s latest press release.