UCLG Peace Prize 2019 Goes to the Municipality of Arsal

Following the World Conference on City Diplomacy in 2008, UCLG launched the UCLG Peace Prize to draw attention to the vital role of local governments for preventing conflicts, building bridges and dialogue after conflict and promoting peaceful environments.

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The award celebrates successful initiatives for conflict prevention, peace-building and post-conflict reconstruction undertaken by local governments and inspires others to implement such activities. Any local government that has implemented an innovative and high impact approach towards peace-building and the creation of dialogue is eligible for nomination. In addition to worldwide exposure and recognition, the winning local government receives a financial award to strengthen its peace projects and/or to facilitate learning exchanges with other local governments facing similar challenges.

While the first edition of the Peace Prize (2016) was awarded to the Municipality of Kauswagan (Philippines) in 2016, the second edition (2019) was recently presented to the Muncipality of Arsal in Libanon as use for mediation to foster co-existence, peace-building as well as the prevention of conflict.

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